The FSU CFC Center is overseen by its Advisory Council serving as a voluntary advisory and support group that assists the Center’s mission.  The council works directly with the Dean of the FSU College of Social Work, the Center’s Executive Director and the College of Social Work’s Director of Development. The Advisory Council promotes the general and financial welfare of the Center by establishing beneficial relationships and networks between FSU alumni, faculty, staff, students, friends, and the community.

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CHAIR: Cheryl Rowland
Tallahassee, Florida

VICE CHAIRMaria Alonso
Miami, Florida


Ex Officio:   

Keithen Mathis – Tallahassee, Florida
David Springer -Tallahassee, Florida
Colette Podgorski – Tallahassee, Florida

Leah Dienger – Destin, Florida   

Mario Jardon – Miami, Florida   

Jeff Lickson – Tallahassee, Florida   

Angela Martinez – Miami, Florida   

Cara Shafer – Tampa, Florida   

Kurt Shafer -Tampa, Florida   

Delores Spearman – Cocoa Beach, Florida   

Guy Spearman – Cocoa Beach, Florida   

Aggie Stoops – Del Ray Beach, Florida   

Jeff Stoops – Del Rey Beach, Florida   

Susan Turner — Tallahassee, Florida